Kamon Generator

Have you ever wished you had your own Japanese family crest? Look no further, because I found for you the Kamon Generator!
Kamon means ‘family crest’ in Japanese, and are emblems used to identify a family in Japan. You can see what the family crests of famous samurai looked like in ancient Japan on another post I wrote.

crests all Kamon GeneratorExamples of emblems of famous samurai families from the Sengoku period.

The Kamon Generator website is in Japanese only, but worry not, I prepared a simple guide for you to follow below and it works for Western names.

To generate your kamon, you will be required to fill a form with your first name, surname and date of birth. Look at the picture below to understand what all the fields are for.

kamon generator forms how to Kamon Generator

The problem is your name MUST be in hiragana. In order to translate your name into Japanese, you can use this site. Google Translate can also usually do the job.
Once you have translated your name, copy-paste the hiragana (and not katakana!) into the fields at the Kamon Generator.
Fill the other fields with your date of birth and you will be able to generator your own kamon. Enjoy!

Let me know in the comments if you have trouble using the site, and don’t hesitate to share your generated kamon. I’m curious to know the results.

Here is my family crest, by the way:
kamon example 300x300 Kamon Generator
Maybe I should try to become a sailor instead?

P.S.: This generator was made for fun. Not to be taken too seriously.

  • Britny

    Having trouble

    • http://blog.japanart.info/ Samurai Art

      What’s wrong?

      • Britny

        Never mind.

  • Xine

    I’m having trouble, when I entered everything up it won’t accept the entry the KAMON button won’t work. And I think it’s the name but I thought the name was already in Hiragana(I hid the DOB since it’s kinda private you see :3)

    • Fang25

      pls read again
      NOTE: “your name MUST be in hiragana”
      that means, katakana or kanji are not acceptable.

  • Allen Noche

    I’m having trouble with it too

  • Fang25

    I thank you for this! It helps me out!
    Really! Thank you!