Katana Gallery – Part 2

Second part of the Katana Gallery series is here! Enjoy!

katana 006 Katana Gallery   Part 2(source: http://xrosesandthorns.livejournal.com/4965.html)

2012 11 12 shinobiya white katana Katana Gallery   Part 2(source: Shinobiya)


2012 11 05 two katana display Katana Gallery   Part 2(source: http://bugei.com/crane-katana-601-prd1.htm)


2012 12 27 katana close up 2 Katana Gallery   Part 2(source: http://fantasmica.deviantart.com/art/Katana-56629542)


 Katana Gallery   Part 2(source: thefancy.com

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  • thejoepeach

    #debolas y tasty™ katanas a mas no poder… hasta se antojan tenerlas en casa

    • http://blog.japanart.info/ Samurai Art

      Sorry, English please? ^^’

      • thejoepeach

        heehehe ok… np…. it says that i like to have a few ones… seems pretty tasty…

        • http://blog.japanart.info/ Samurai Art

          I see. Thanks for your comment!

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