Shisouan or How To Become A Samurai

Shisouan (梓想庵) is a service that let you borrow traditional samurai clothes from the Kamakura period and induce yourself into the atmosphere of the Kamakura area. Of course, katana are also included and you can even try Japanese archery (kyudo). You can also check out their blog if you want to see more photos.

shisouan 001 Shisouan or How To Become A Samurai

That’s how I looked after being transformed into a samurai.

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Katana Gallery – Part 2

Second part of the Katana Gallery series is here! Enjoy!

katana 006 Katana Gallery   Part 2(source: http://xrosesandthorns.livejournal.com/4965.html)

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  1. thejoepeach: #debolas y tasty™ katanas a mas no poder... hasta se antojan tenerlas en casa

    • Samurai Art: Sorry, English please? ^^'

      • thejoepeach: heehehe ok... np.... it says that i like to have a few ones... seems pretty tasty...

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